Covid Photo Journal – Full Auto Mode

For today’s assignment (March 30th? I’m losing track of days), I had to practice in full auto mode. This basically means I did nothing. Really though, what it taught me was that the focus should be on the subject and the content rather than the technical camera settings. This process made me realize how susceptible I am to setting obsession. I can see myself going out to shoot and staring at the LCD of the camera instead of looking at what I’m actually trying to take a photo of. Photography, like poetry, is a practice of looking. And there’s my corny takeaway for today. On to the photos.



Kind of a “whoah dude, metaphor!” pic of nature here. I do think being literally quarantined right now makes it more relevant, but it’s still probably cliche. I like the actual composition of the pic. I think the trees look good, and I’m glad the autofocus picked the fence, though I am interested in how it would have looked if the trees were in focus instead. But in autofocus mode, the machine decides.



I liked that last pic so much that I took it again without the lame metaphor. I like this one more. You pretty much can’t go wrong on auto mode as long as what you’re looking at is nice or interesting. The symmetry feels right in this. If I were to do it again, I would angle my camera so that the land looks straight and the trees would look slanted.



These trees are way more imposing in this image than in real life. I didn’t even adjust the angle I was shooting at, but somehow they look ominous here and delightful in real life.



This is a pandemic shot, with a tiny bit of Hutton and a tiny bit of a dinosaur toy. So here is a good time to mention that I have not edited any of these photos yet. They should all probably be cropped and touched up, but I’m assuming my class will take me through that process and I trust it. The orange barrier is hilariously the same color as the major elements of this playground and it ends up doing a terrible job of letting people know that the playground is off-limits. It’s a little more morbid given context.



They took the swings down to prevent people from gathering and playing in the park and left us with this wicked piece of weathered modern art. I love the dirt tracks from kids sticking out their landing gear legs to slow down. The angle is neat, but I could have done better I think. Looking at this now, I could have spent some more time finding the right show. I think it’s the right subject though.



This is another subject that I love with a shot that doesn’t do much for me. The texture is the highlight of this subject and that doesn’t really come across in this photo. Having the little puddles helps, but the angle is a little half-assessed. Coming from a photographer of one and a half days.



Obligatory Hutton pic. Hell of a profile. Hey full auto mode, gonna need a little quicker shutter speed to pick up this tail.



These monsters came the first day of quarantine. Serendipitous scheduling. The road work being done actually inspired me more than anything else to start taking photographs. I took Hutton outside one night and there was a giant trench in the middle of my road stretching as far as I could see down the street. I couldn’t get to the park. It looked like a stereotypical earthquake road crack and I wanted to capture it. I thought about how often I would see my street in this condition and decided it was essentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I started taking a photography class that night (like a dope) and by the time I got to the point in the class where I was taking pictures, the crack was filled in. So this photo here is the best I’ll ever get to seeing that Godzilla crack in front of my house.


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