Covid Photo Journal – P Mode

Today’s lesson was about P-mode, or program mode. This is the first baby step after full auto. Program mode basically sets the shutter speed and aperture and lets you set the ISO. I found pretty quickly that I consistently use an ISO that’s too high. A lot of the images came out grainy. Using the lowest possible ISO seems like a solid strategy.



I don’t remember what ISO I used on this, but it was obviously too low. It looks pretty good outside, but I was trying to get a shot of the inside. It’s actually pretty cool and, again, illustrates quarantine well.



This is a nice little still life. I’m starting to realize that most of my photos are from my perspective, like exactly what I see when I walk around the house. I tried to stray from this a little, but I need to spend more time working the scene when I take photos. This one, for instance, I think I would skew a little to imply intoxication. Maybe that’s too much, but it definitely needs more energy.


This was the first portrait photo that I took. It felt good to turn the camera and try something new. I was able to capture more of the bookshelf this way, but it’s still basically a boring photo.



This one is just goofy enough to be good, I think. The angle of the lines is interesting, the content is interesting, the colors are interesting, and the lighting is good. I would say this is the best photo I’ve taken so far. I shouldn’t be surprised, I took my time with this one and tried multiple angles and ISOs.


Obligatory Hutton pic. Jill working hard at the Covid hotline marathoning old Puppy Bowls. Quarantine life. Not super interesting as a pic, but I think it’s great just for the content.

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