Covid Photo Journal – Full M

Now that I basically know how to take a photo, I’ve used that skill two whole times in the past two days to capture interesting events. I’ve been reading John Burroughs biography and it has inspired me to get outside and clean out my gardens. These moments were taken in the middle of intense raking sessions. For the first time in my life, I saw something interesting and instead of simply experiencing it, I ran inside to grab my camera and capture it. I wonder how John Burroughs felt about nature photography. I can see how it would allow you to relive the event, but I also see how it could distract from the event itself. It certainly made me consider what was happening in a different way. The poet in me usually experiences an event and thinks, ‘what does this mean?’ The photographer me thinks, ‘how does this look?’ Both sides think, ‘is this beautiful?’ and ‘does this matter?’


april week 1 shoot3

This little friend would have made me quit raking in the past, but this time I got as close as I could. I shot full manual, set the ISO as low as it could go, set the lowest aperture I could, and cranked the shutter speed to catch the flapping red tongue. He seemed to know I was trying to get a photo. Each time I squat down and got focused, he stopped flitting. I had to nudge him a little to make him poke his head up and start the tongue again.


april week 1 shoot3_1

He darted away after another nudge and I jumped up to capture his retreat. This would have been a perfect time for continuous shot mode, but I didn’t have a way to change it fast enough. I should have been shooting in continuous from the get-go. The lighting in this looks like stage lighting, I love it. It looks like the shutter speed could have been higher also, the little guy was too speedy for 1/200.


april week 1 shoot3_2

For the first few months that Covid-19 was in the news, it was referred to as “coronavirus.” I found this corona can in my garden during a 3-day quarantine rake-a-thon. Serendipity is mysterious and often hilarious. I did stage this a little. This is pretty much right where I found the can, but I did turn it to better see the logo, but other than that it’s organic. I like the composition of this, and I think I nailed the lighting again. I feel like lighting during the day is pretty straightforward, set the ISO as low as it can go and adjust from there.

I’m now at the point where I have to start giving myself assignments. I have to start thinking about why I’m learning this and what I want to get out of it. I’ll keep practicing the technical aspects, but I need to consider the content going forward.

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