Covid Photo Journal – Color

Color – the vocabulary of photography. On the seventh photographic elements assignment I’ve realized that every element has a poetry equivalent that could have made this whole process easier for me to understand. Shape is the shape of a poem, made from line. Texture is the cadence, word choice can also suggest a texture through sibilance and stuff. Patten is the rhyme scheme, color is the vocab. Form is the only thing that’s a little different. The poetic form refers to the set of rules the writer used to produce a specific type of poem, while in photography is refers to the form of an object. There’s probably a better way to compare these two, but I think they are the most different compared with the rest of the elements.

april week 1 shoot4_12

The color here probably isn’t the strongest element (maybe line?). The green is pretty striking, and I like how there are three different shades of green in it. It’s my attempt at a monochromatic piece. The line of the barrier is just so strong, it kind of overwhelms the color.

april week 1 shoot4_9

The bright colors of the castle make this seem like a real fantastic destination. It also looks illuminated by electric lights. It reminds me of a fast-food sign. Color can, of course, makes things pop, and that’s what it did here. Although, the tone as much as the color makes this pop.


april week 1 shoot4_7

The colors here, along with everything else, are perfect. Look at this perfect angel. My muse.

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