Covid Photo Journal – Line

Line is the closest distance between two points. That always seemed like a tongue-and-cheeky definition. In a photo, like other art, it can be used to make shapes and stuff. I feel dumb describing line. I guess it’s interesting to compare the artistic line to the literary line – it’s the building blocks. Line forms the poem the way line forms the painting. I still don’t truly understand how to utilize line in poetry, so I imagine line in photography will take a lifetime of learning to understand.

april week 1 shoot4_2

Here I tried to use line to lead the eye to the bright houses. I think it worked pretty well. My shadow sort of makes it a self-portrait. The sun is illuminating my solar panels pretty well. The trucks in front of the houses add a nice splash of yellow. The implied horizontal lines in the clouds sort of clash with the vertical lines in the grass, but it also sort of highlights the houses and tree line. My house is really the focal point of this scene. I think the composition works pretty well. 6/10


april week 1 shoot4_17

This is almost to artsy. I suppose I’ll go through this phase for a few years at least. It’s a cool pic anyway. The curving chain line gives it a nice energy. I like the rusty chain strangling the wooden telephone pole. It looks like the wood is cracking because it’s being squeezed too tight by the chain.

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