Covid Photo Journal – Texture

Texture is fun. The lighting has to be right to really accent texture, but something with interesting texture should show even with an amateur like me taking the photos.


april week 1 shoot4_4

I’ve taken a few photos of this rock now. The texture is the most interesting element of the rock, but I think the morning would be the best time to photograph it and I haven’t had the energy to get up early and give it a shot. This photo may be a little overexposed, at least the sky section. I may have even wanted to get closer to the rock to really emphasize the texture. Seems like you can’t really get too close while trying to capture the texture of something.

april week 1 shoot4_11

I love this photo. It makes the playground look like the barren wasteland it feels like. It’s eerie seeing the playground blocked off during the pandemic. I wanted to capture the texture of the wood chips. I think the glare ends up being the dominant feature here, but the wood chips still look pretty good.

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