Covid Photo Journal – Symmetry

It’s April 16th 2020 and I’m still quarantined. I feel like it’s going to end relatively soon, but in the meantime, let’s learn about symmetry. Symmetry is pretty intuitive. The big takeaway from the lesson was the rule of 3rds, or the golden ratio, which is pretty ubiquitous in all of the arts. It comes into play more often in asymmetry I think, but it’s still very useful. Here’s what I got.

april week 1 shoot5

My first symmetrical photo was of these Easter flowers on top of Hutton’s cage. It’s super hard to get the exposure right in front of daytime windows, but I think I did an okay job here. It’s funny, I feel like my bad photos are better than they’ve ever been. I feel myself getting better at this.

april week 1 shoot5_1

Same subject, but asymmetrical. I adjusted the exposure to try and highlight our cars to give it that quarantine feel. We spend a lot of time staring out windows these days. This photo implies the flowers are looking longingly out the window, which I like. I don’t think I nailed the rule of thirds here, but I tried.

april week 1 shoot5_2

The symmetry of the fan wasn’t something I noticed before. I should have zoomed out a little to get the entire fan in the frame. I had to basically lay on the floor to get this shot. I’m trying to focus on perspective for each photo I take now. I should say, I took these photos in like two minutes. I honestly didn’t want to do this assignment because I felt like I understood symmetry, so the whole thing was rushed.


april week 1 shoot5_3

I think the rule of thirds is working here. The two light bulbs are right in the rule of thirds intersections. Now that I’m looking at it, it’s actually pretty symmetrical. I guess I flunked this assignment. I’m getting a little sick of taking photos of my house and the park. I want to take photos of different things, and I want to start editing these. I ordered an SD card reader for the iPad, but because of the pandemic they have prioritized shipping medical supplies and masks and things.

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