Covid Photo Journal – Lighting

Photography apparently means “to write with light,” so lighting is everything in photography. This lesson focused on choosing an interesting light source that was not ambient. I’m balancing dangerously close to the edge of an adolescent cliche with these photos.


My initial idea was to have the only light come from the TV. I cranked the ISO and slowed down the shutter speed, but I couldn’t find the tripod so I picked up some fuzziness because of my shaking hands. This is the first photo I edited with lightroom. I pumped up the contrast and vibrance a bit, and also tinted it a little more blue to give it a real blue screen video vibe. I wanted the light to distract from the books as a metaphor for what we’re all dealing with while in quarantine. Basic as hell, but I think it works fine.



I experimented a little with flash photography here. I wanted the flash to light up the books, but I’m still sitting in a dark room. The first shot I took had my foot in the lower corner, which I tried to get rid of, but I actually ended up thinking it worked and I took a few more with both of my feet stuck straight out. It’s like I’m laying down preparing for a sacrifice by the TV. I was able to use a higher ISO with the flash, which allowed the camera to pick up the static on the TV. I think this one is a better composition all around. More interesting in almost every way. The first one is moodier though.

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