Covid Photo Journal – Cemetery Trip

So the last lesson in the class is a kitchen table studio session, but my lights won’t be here until May because of Covid, so I’m moving on to the capstone project. The project is so sprawling that I’m just going to use the next year as my capstone project, doing random trips and pics here and there. I’ve taken 4 months of courses in roughly 4 weeks and I’m a little burned out right now. I bought a pack to bring my camera on bike trips, these pics are from my first trip to the cemetery down the street.


I loved the mountains framed by these trees with the steeple in the foreground. I pumped up the vibrance and texture in lightroom to really get the contrast in the green steeple and the different colors of the trees in the background. I almost want to take this photo in mid-summer to see the color differences. This looks more like fall than spring. There’s a naturalist metaphor in here somewhere, nature as religion, etc. I’m reading a lot of Emerson right now, if you couldn’t tell.



This house haunts me. The house I grew up in on 65 Wynkoop Place is directly to the right of this house. I stared at this house throughout my childhood and it creeps me out to this day. I dream about entering this house about once a month and it’s always haunted or forbidden or something. I cut the contrast in lightroom to give this an eerie vibe. I’ve never really looked at this house from this angle before, but it’s even creepier with the headstones in front of it. It definitely implies haunted.



I tried to use the rule of thirds here to get the headstone in the foreground and the house in the background at the intersections. I didn’t really nail it, but I think the idea was good. When I was taking photos in the cemetery I didn’t think I had any good shots. I was a little disappointed, but when I got home and started editing, I found I liked these three photos quite a bit. I’m learning that you don’t really know what you shot until afterward. You can see my old house in the background here, to the right. Fun project, my bike bag works well, now to think of more places to go.

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